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eBooks and Bleachers… What?

permanent school bleachers
standard school blechers made from aluminum

A friend of mine bounced an idea off of me in hopes of getting some feedback. He wants to write an ebook about aluminum made bleachers. With a right eyebrow raised just a touch I said, “What – Wait – Why”. Then I corrected my self and said oh you a mean a fictional story revolving around an event happening in or below bleacher grandstands. Kind of teen angst thing? No, I mean an informative guide to buying bleachers he responded. Then said eyebrow raised another couple of millimeters. He went on the tell me that buying bleachers can be challenging. There are safety concerns, government regulations, future-proofing, etc… He said it would be directed to a small, but an engaged audience that would probably pay a hefty price for just such information. Well then I guess that’s a good idea, I said. Any more conundrums I can help you with? Yeah, he said here’s some notes kinda of a rough draft for the ebook. See below. I think it looks okay, your thoughts? So then he starts reading from a note pad:

Buying new outdoor bleachers can be a headache, especially since they’re not cheap. It can be hard to find the best fit for your specific application because they come in so many form.

First on the list is your standard non-elevated bleachers that are usually made of aluminum. They are delineated by a first row that puts viewers’ feet at ground level. They usually come in three, five, ten, and fifteen rows, which are all perfect arrangements for smaller fields or venues. Though they are smaller and provide a lower seating capability, this makes them more cost-effective and adaptable, as they do not require the usage of supplementary stairwells or walkways.

So I stopped him and asked how many different types are there? Oh well, he said, you got your school tip and roll, and your transportable and then theirs your – “Stop”, I said. I don’t care. “Go away. Please”.

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